The Night Shepherd is a positive wave to those in the Entertainment & Fashion industry established in 2015. Not only do we have a help line, offer meet-ups, and promote positive environments for success, we also refer new artists in LA to legitimate resources that best fits their professional needs.

We are a friend. Anytime. Anywhere. The Night Shepherd is a movement.
— Will, NS Founder



  • Cultivating a sustainable outreach program designed to reach anyone that is going through a difficult life situation of any circumstance.

  • Raising awareness to the results of compromising standards to be successful.

  • Establishing programs that will serve anyone through healing.

  • Arranging support meet-ups with core values for young adults working in the entertainment & fashion industry.

  • Taking away pressures of negative influence.

  • Equipping screened volunteers.

Who do we help? Everyone. But if you associate yourself with any of the following then you should call us...

  • Depression

  • Accountability

  • Auditions

  • Castings

  • Legitimate resources for Actors Models and Vocal Artists

  • Balance in Personal and Work Life

  • Entertainment Industry Ups & Downs

  • Pressures faced by living in LA, working in the industry, and the decisions that follow


Unfortunately we are not in a position to facilitate those who are homeless. However, we can recommend organizations in the Los Angeles area that offer housing or related services. We have a trained and experienced person that can compassionately talk with you without judgement, or let you just talk with complete confidence. The Night Shepherd coaches are not licensed therapists or counselors. Our coaches offer advice rooted in experience, encouragement, resources and prayer, but we do not offer formal counseling.