Operation Hedge Gap - How it works

Thank you for taking the responsibility to help Yourself. One of the biggest steps is acknowledging and seeking help overcoming. We may not be aware of someone's battle they face everyday. They may feel no one else understands or needs to deal with it. Why go through that alone?




That's why Operation Hedge Gap is in place. 
Here are the basics:

  • When someone submits for an accountability partner, their personal info is to be kept completely confidential.
  • They will be asked for their name, email, and some general questions so we can pair them with the best suited accountability partner.  Here are a six examples:
  1. Daily Devotion
  2. Prayer Life
  3. Personal Struggle
  4. Personal Addition
  5. Personal Physical Goals  (Fitness)
  6. Personal Spiritual Goals
  • Your partner will be the same gender and around the same age.
  • You will be in communication every day. Text email or phone  - You MUST check in. Let your accountability partner know what's going on and ask them how they are doing.
  • You and your partner will also connect on an app called Life 360. Your partner is to be equally transparent with you as you are to them. You can locate each other at anytime. This is helpful in the accountability process.
  • The Accountability Partner assigned to you is NOT your counselor. They are your friend that will extend a hand and challenge you to overcome the obstacle holding you back. They will not always tell you what you want to hear. But know and understand that your best interest is always  in mind.
  • Last of all, this is for someone that is serious about getting help making a U-turn in an area of their life. This program is in place to help you, help someone else, that also wants help. You will be set up for success.  We all are going to make mistakes. However, our goal is to encourage you to stay committed. Our own problems often disappear when we take on someone else's.


"When it comes to privacy and accountability, people often demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else."