Born in North Carolina and raised in South Dakota, William is a creative content designer, speaker, and business owner.  He is also a former fashion and commercial model.  His work has been published in GQ Magazine, High-end Retailers, and New York Fashion Week during his time from Miami to New York City in 2007-2010. Upon seeing success in the fashion industry, Will took advantage of all the lavish parties and social events that surround the Hollywood lifestyle. As time went on relationships turned sour - alcohol and drugs became more prevalent and available as his network grew. Pressure and influence started taking root and priorities slowly drifted.  As focuses became blurred by desperate decisions Will’s reality became a living nightmare. Will made a 180 degree turn with his life in the spring of 2012 and is no longer pursuing the industry. Now it’s his desire to give forward and help rescue others that might fall prey to bad influence or become distracted. To help people recognize ulterior motives, educate on the risks of negative industry influence, and to be there for people who are sizing the shoes he once wore.